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    Default Sony vs. Marantz (Suprise!)

    I finally tried something that I have been meaning to do for some time, I switched my Sony TA-N9000ES amp out for the Marantz MM-9000 I have just sitting around and wired my SRT system up a little differently. (Keep reading what I am about to say will surprise you!)

    I wired the SRTís up as follows:

    I used a separate channel of the amp for the front, SDA Right, Stereo Right, SDA Left, Stereo Left and the Sony for the surrounds.

    I had the Sony wired up to run all five channels the standard way.

    Let me start by saying I am looking to improve 2ch listening.

    The Sony flat kicks the Marantzís ass! Power, dynamics, sound stage, clarity, and it does all of this at a higher volume level without clipping.

    The Marantz starts to turn on the peak lights when you just start to lean on it a little and sounds worse doing it. I really thought I would notice a huge difference with it wired to spread the stereo load across four channels instead of two, I also remembered this amp sounding better, but my M&K speakers are much easier to drive.

    Well in the next few days I will switch them back but use the new wiring configuration and the Sony to drive the fronts and center.

    I will return to this topic when I have made the change and post an update.

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    There are a fair amount a gems speckled within the Sony ES series. Some of the products in the ES line had some really good engineering and utilized audiophile quality components in the circuit build.
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    Did you let the amp heat up for a good chunk of time? An hour or so before testing? A lot of amps need to be nice and warm before they begin to sound good at all, especially higher end ones (cheap amps suck no matter how long you let them warm up ;) )
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    to me it's almost like compairing apples and oranges. the two amps are different. one being a stereo amp (Sony TA-N9000ES) the other (Marantz MM-9000) being a multi channel amp.

    Sony is 200wpc x2 and the Marantz is 150wpc X 5. Maybe if the Marantz was from their reference series... it would be a fair compairison. who knows.

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    Yes it was nice and warm.

    No the Sony is 200wpc x2 and 120 x1 if it is bridged.

    I was running it in the 120 x 5 mode

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    I will post some pics of the inside tonight if I have time.

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    The spin has already begun to debunk this happy experience. Enjoy.

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