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    Default Potential CL scam

    I have a pair of RTi12's in the FM that due to low interest I have also listed on CL. Almost immediatly, I got a text from someone in the 978 area code. This is easily 10 hours from me. The text said they were good with price and asked me to send my email so they could paypal me the money. I asked him to call me to discuss. He did not. This morning I sent a text that I was assuming he was not longer interested. Almost immediatly got another text asking for paypal info. I text and asked if he was going to pick up. He said his "mover" would pick up. Well, I have been suspicious from the start and again asked him to call. He did not. I am sure, and was pretty much from the start, that this is a scam. I am not sure I understand the risks.

    A quick google indicated that some have experienced similar situations where goods were paid for, picked up and then the payment somehow rescinded.

    Does anybody have any insight here?

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    I have one policy when it comes to CL sales, Cash only and neutral site meeting location in a highly public location. No Ifs ands or buts about it.
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