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    Default RM 6750 Sub. Need Basic info adjusting settings

    I just setup my RM6750 speakers and sub. And I setup my front left and right speakers through the sub to my receiver as the manual suggested. However, the manual doesn't provided detailed information for all the switches and knobs on the sub.

    I was hoping that someone could explain what each function is used for and the best way of setting the settings on it.

    What is the Low Pass knob?
    How much do you turn it up compared to the volume knob?
    What is the Phase 0 and 180 mean and do?
    And if I am running my speakers through the spring clips what would I want to use the L and R ports for on the back of the sub?

    I am a newbie and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I just set my set up as well...I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure the Phase 0-180 has something to do with the crossover but don't take my word for it...I have mine set at 100 on the sub and the receiver. The Volume is a little under 75%. I ran the sub with a single subwoofer cable...

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