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    Default B & K AV 5000 Series II

    could anyone let me know if this amp is fairly decent and if it would match my monitor speakers nicely. Any idea's what it should be worth in near mint shape?

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    I have the older version B&K AV5000 5x105 WPC. The series II is rated at 125WPC. I'm very happy with my AV5000. It is an awesome amp warm tube like sound and it drives my RTi8's very nicely. You will really like this amp. B&K make good products.

    I donít know what the amp would go for, but imagine somewhere between $400.00 to $550.00 range. Donít quote me on that though.

    Gator :) :)
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    thanks for the info..i think i missed out on it though..too bad..i didn't want to buy it without some feedback from here. I don't have the opportunity to demo much quality equipment anywhere in my area so i'm kind of in the dark when buying online. I appreciate any information i can get on here.

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