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    Default Polk MM2104 subs are making my HU skip

    I have a slight skipping problem when certain notes play thru my subs. At first I thought my battery wasn't supplying enough voltage but later realized that the Polk MM 10's in a Probox downfire enclosure powered by Planet Audio VX900D (650 watts RMS at 2 OHM) are sending vibrations to my dash.

    Funny thing is there's no buzzing, chatter, interior or exterior noise.
    My truck is a 2000 Chevy Silverado Extra Cab. I can remove the dash cover and unhook the mount kit the HU is mounted in and slide it out a little and it won't do it. Only when I lock it in place.

    If anyone has any info on how I can put a stop to this it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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    Ive heard of subs making HU's skip before but those were very powerful systems. If your HU is skipping off a single 10 it would seem your HU is messing up some.

    May not be a big problem tho. There are several things you can do to insulate your HU from vibration assuming its not screwed up and gonna skip at the slightest nudge.

    You can get some Dynamat and apply it to the HU's cage. Dont completley cover it because itll need to be able to get air for cooling. Then you can go down to Home Depot and get some rubber mat or the like and use it in between where the HU's is mounted and the dash.

    This should help.
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    That does not sound like a properly functioning HU. If the HU is not at fault the mount may not be secure enough.
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    It's two 10's and when I lift the rear seat and flip the box to where it fires at the back of the cab it doesn't do it.

    system set-up:
    HU- Premier 680 also tried a Kenwood Excelon
    VX1502 on MM6500 seperates
    VX1002 on Pioneer 4 x 6's (soon to be replaced by Carbon Plates)
    vx900D on two MM2104's
    4 guage running from battery to distribution block
    1502 & 1002 on 8 guage the 900D is on 4 guage
    when truck is running, voltage never drops under 13.9 volts

    When I let people hear it the first thing they say is, THOSE CAN'T BE 10's!!!!
    The tone and kick from 63hz to 100hz is very precise and responsive.

    I would really like to fix this because my next project was to remove the back seat and try 4 SR 10'S ON 2 VX900D's at 1ohm.:D

    Oh yeah, by the way it does it with two different HU's.

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