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Thread: Crossover help

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    Default Crossover help

    I'm building a pair of home speakers with 4 Polk MM2124 subs and 2 pairs of Polk MM6 components that came from my old car which was total from hail damage. Each speaker will have 2 subs, 2 mids, and 2 tweeters, all 4 ohms ran in series to produce an 8 ohm load. What kind of crossover should I use to split the signal to my subs from the components? The MM6's came with crossovers so I think I just need a 2 way crossover at 80 htz. My concern is that I may need something that can adjust the power delivered to the subs or mids in case the volume levels don't match up. Any ideas?

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    You may want to consider an active crossover like the Paradigm X-30 Crossover / Controller. If you have a home theatre receiver, it should also handle that. A passive crossover would probably require quite a big inductor and that can add up quickly.

    If you use a plate amp for your subs, they may also come with speaker level crossovers.

    good luck

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    Sell all that car audio stuff and buy drivers designed for home use. You'll have a rough time dialing in car speakers to sound right in the home environment, due to them being designed for pretty much an infinite baffle.

    I'd also build a design that someone has really researched and put through the ringer. There are a lot of unbelievable designs in the "sticky" threads on this board. Most of these designs will outperform speakers costing 5-10x their cost to build:

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