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    Default Bumping window track back?

    I have a 2003 suburau wrx wagon and want to install my new srs in them. When I posted to the forum before a tech suggested bumping the window trck ack to get a beter fit. HOW DO I BUMP THE WINDOW TRACK BACK????

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    Oh boy. I certainly have no idea. However, congrats on purchasing the SR's; I know you'll love them. :) What size did you get? The 6.5's or the 5.25's?
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    I suspect you've already tried mounting the SRs with the included spacers and still have insufficient clearance between the speaker magnet and the window track?

    I would guess you'd have to unbolt the window track from the inner door, stick some washers on the inside of door in this location (between mounting surface on inner door and window track) to relocate the window track inwards, then re-bolt the track (through your stack of washers) to inner door in its new position. This would only work if all you needed was a little bit more clearance (the width of the added washers). You could also use some metal channel the width of your window track.

    Relocating the window track would be a pain if your track is riveted to the inner door panel- you would have to drill them out then re-rivet, or drill out to a larger diameter for use with a bolt. Have a look at your door panel with the trim removed. Changing the angle of the window track a few degrees probably won't hurt anything, but check to ensure proper window operation (without binding) if you go this route.

    It may be easier just to make yourself a thicker spacer from MDF. A look through some Subaru forums may have a better answer.
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    Greg's response is what I did to my vehicle to gain depth. Directly behind the hole in my door for the speaker is a bar running verticlly that holds the window as it goes up and down. This bar has two bolts, one top and one bottom. I added washers to these bolts to move the track back. With my vehicle some people have even purchased longer bolts so more washers can be added. You can gain quite a bit of room doing this. I was able to gain well over an inch and fit much deeper speakers.

    Oh yea, put a piece of tape around the washers if, like my vehicle, the bolt is way down in the door where you cannot see it and its a hard reach. The tape will hold the washers together and allow them to slide onto the bolt as a unit.


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