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    Default Happy Father's Day

    Just got back from the lake with the fam... had a smashing time water skiing, and wave running with new Kawasaki Wave Runners. I don't think I will need sterilization after all, after spending a few hours on those things... :D

    Oh ya, got some cash from my folks. That's always a nice surprise. Anybody do anything exciting in your world?

    Here's to all the Father's out there... Hope today was a good one, and many more ahead!
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    Happy Father's Day.

    The family and I just finished eating dinner. My wife prepared the steaks and wings, and I manned the grill :D. Hung out here at home with my little ones all day :). Had a good day.
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    The whole family (all 3 of us) when fishing for the day. The little guy (7 years) old caught 2 and ended up out fishing both Mom & Dad. Made my day.
    Michael ;)
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    Happy Father's Day. Just got back from camping at Silver Falls in Oregon. Beautiful place.
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    Default Went to the daughter and s-i-l's house.

    5 month old grandson tried to chew Grandpa's thumb off. But that was okay.:)

    Daughter gave me a nice book, "Why a Daughter Needs a Dad". Real nice.:D
    Listed 100 different reasons, and I figured I actually correctly performed about, uh ..... 11 of them. Ooops. :o

    Yep, real nice day. :)
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