I love the look of the sub. However, When I hooked it up in my 1986 CJ-7...it sounds awfull. It's connected to a JL Audio 300/4 amp and a Pioneer P-5800 head unit. The bass does not sound like bass at all. Rather it sounds very distorted and unable to produce lows. Now, truth in lending..... I have not completely sealed the box in my CJ-7. There are a few air holes I need to seal, but nothing major that would cause the sub to sound the way it does (at least i wouldn't think it should matter) The sub sounds like something is wrong with it. Not a bass sound but rather a scratchy hit sound (if that makes sense). RCA cables go from the head unit to the amp. I have the amp switches set to low pass filter at around 90HZ. Front and rear channells on the amp feed the dual voice coils. Any idea what can be wrong? Thanks.