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    Default Static in Front Right speaker

    I have had this HK reciever for about 3 months and it has been working great with my RTI 6 front speakers. Last week I turn on my amplifer and I hear static in my front right speaker. It almost sounds like a radio station. I have disconnect the front right, and put it back same problem. I've switch out the speaker wire for monster cable same problem. And I am using monster banna clips as the connection to the reciever. This is my second amp I've had problems with form HK and I really don't want to have to return this one. I hope someone can offer me a soultion.
    thank you,

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    Did you try swapping the left and right speakers? Cables?
    Maybe the problem is in the banana plug or somewhere else in the connection.
    Swapping the speakers will tell you if the problem is in the HK or the RTi.
    If you eliminate the RTi as not being the problem, try blowing out the vents of the receiver with one of those cans of compressed air used for computers and such. My $ .02 worth.

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    as Pol said, swap the speakers (r to l and L to R) if the problem follows the speaker, then its the speaker or wire. If it doesnt, then its the reciever or source ?!?! I have to wager a guess it isnt the speaker if it is a constant static, but I could be wrong.
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    Default thanks

    Yeah I think it is the Reciever, I will try to swap the lines tonight to see what happens. Any ideas if it is the reciever?

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