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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaara
    Best game no one played: Indigo Prophecy: This is not as much a game as it is a interactive story. Depending on your choices (the scene where the kid falls in the water had a big impact on me) the games future is different, to a degree. Each time playing through I learned more about the characters and the plot then the time before, and enjoyed it that much more. This game is all about the plot, the gameplay involved is mainly running around, and hitting button sequences. Overall a very engaging story and characters I really felt for.

    That game was surprisingly very good. I wasn't even aware for a while that it was available on consoles for the longest time. Over in Europe it was called Fahrentheit.
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    1. Madden
    2. Madden
    3. Madden

    These are my top 3 favorites of all time.
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    Metroid Prime
    Eternal Darkness
    Shadow of Colossus
    Prince of Persia Sands of Time
    Zelda Wind Waker (Im sure the new zelda will be great too... still current gen)

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    Astrorids all the way.

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