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Thread: DB104DVC enigma

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    Default DB104DVC enigma

    I installed my DB104DVC in my Jeep CJ-7. Sounds awfull !!!!!!! I put a multi-meter on the terminals (just out of curiosity) and all I get on both coils is 3.3 ohms (supposed to be 4 ohms) is something wrong? If this is normal, why does my sub not boom (it kind of pops/scratches, sounds like crap) any ideas? Thanks


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    Default Not much help here

    Just wondering why both posts I made on this forum did not get any response from Polk technicians. Seems strange. Am I saying something wrong, or do they really not know how to help me? :(

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    Hello Bud Man,
    Sorry for the delay, we've had some weather related difficulties, here in Baltimore and our phones/computer links have been limited. What you seem to be describing sounds like a blown woofer. The voice coil is intact (that's why the DC resistance check shows continuity), but the voice coil is rubbing against the inside of the voice coil gap. There's not much you can do except have the woofer replaced. To do this you would follow the instructions we provide in the warranty section of the owner's manual, sending the damaged woofer to the address in San Diego, CA. 92154 (2550 Britannia Blvd. Suite A, San Diego, CA. 92154). Include a short note giving us your name, address and a copy of your sales receipt.
    Regards, Ken, Polk Audio

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    Default Thanks Ken

    Sorry for the real long delay. Here's what's been happening. My Jeep is in Hawaii, I'm in Seattle. My jeep has been undergoing a restoration in Hawaii since way back in Feb 06. I tested my brand new Sub in June (when I wrote you that the sub sounds awfull) However, I wont get the Jeep in Seattle until December. What to do.

    PS The sub is still in it's original box, unused (except to test it that one time)

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