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Thread: pink noise

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    Default pink noise

    Ok. so can running the auto set up on my Outlaw Audio 990 pre amp over and over again, can it hurt the speakers? It's hella loud. the noise bursts are only about half second in length.. but it's hella loud.

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    If I kick you in the groin but only take half a second... it will probably still hurt. I'm thinking if it's excessivly loud it might be harsh on them over time (repeated bursts). A burst is probably alright because the voice coils won't heat up that quickly, but you never know. How loud is it really? Does it sound like they're clipping or just being pushed too hard?

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    Pink noise is a little safer than white noise as it puts much more load on the woofers than the tweets. Basically, the accoustical power is inverse to the frequency meaning the woofers (with their superior power handling) take the brunt of the power. White noise is the same accoustical power throughout the spectrum and can cause excessive wear on your tweets.. Pink noise better represents music and typical programming. You shouldn't hurt anything
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