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Thread: Car Audio Noob

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    Talking Car Audio Noob

    okay, i have exerience w/ electronics and wiring, but absolutely none when it comes to car audio installation. i wanna replace the head unit in my car and have no clue how to hook up an amp or sub. also, my left side speaker channels is messed up (when i hook up a speaker to it, i only get static) and my right ones gives me mild static, but i can still hear the music clearly. i wanna know if it's alright to just run a new speaker wire under the carpeting from the head unit, or do i have to hook it up to power. would i have to get andy specific kind of wire? also, i have an old head unit that i never installed, but it doesn't seem to work now, even when i apply the 12 volts to it. is there any way to test it, or should i just throw it away. one more thing. when i buy a new head, do i just hook up power and speakers to it, or is there more to it than that?

    thanx for the help guys.
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    Welcome. You might have better luck by posting in the "On The Move" section.
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    k thanx. this seemed like the right place to put it at first :P
    If Life Hand's You Lemons, Throw Them At Someone...

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