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    Default What do you want reviewed first?

    What would you like to read a review on first?

    As I posted last month, I needed to set up a couple demonstration systems to become a dealer for certain companies.

    At this point, I've received most of my components, with the exception of the B&K AVR507 and Cambridge Audio Azur 640H(both on order).

    I'm focusing on the two channel aspect for now, and will provide a more thorough review of the multichannel when I receive everything.

    Here is a list of items:

    B&K AVR507
    Bryston B60R-SST integrated amplifier
    Cambridge Audio DVD87 or DVD89-which will be used for all listening tests(both models have the same audio sections)
    Mordaunt Short:
    Avant 902i bookshelf speakers
    Avant 909 subwoofer
    Genie 402 satellite speakers
    Audioquest: Jaguar Interconnects, CV-8 Speaker Cables(Spades on amp end, Bananas on speaker end) or Diamondback interconnects and Type 2 in-wall wire for comparison

    Current Equipment:
    Polk LSi7's-new versions and well broken in

    I'll be spending the next several days-and will probably turn into weeks-testing this equipment before each piece goes to their appropriate system.

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    Bryston B60R-SST integrated amplifier

    let's hear your thoughts
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    I just received the Bryston today, so I'll hook it up this weekend and do a quickie by Monday morning using the LSi's, then I'll do a more thorough review when the 902i's get broken in.

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    Initial impressions:

    Wow. When I went from my RT5's, to my LSi7's two years ago, I noticed a big change. Now, the change is even more apparent.

    When I asked my wife how it sounded, she said she could pick out individual voices better now. This was part of my initial impression as well, but I probably overlooked a lot of other things in my excitement to get it all up and running.
    I hooked up the following system this morning:

    Bryston B60R
    Cambridge Audio DVD79
    Audioquest 0.75m Jaguar Interconnects
    Audioquest 7 ft pr CV-8 speaker cables

    Music Choice:
    O Brother Where Art Thou-fourth track is my test for now, where Allison Krause begins in a solo and other voices are brought in at different times and places on the soundstage.

    This is my first somewhat "high end" system to have in my own house.

    Also, alot of things changed at once, so I'll have to do some cable and component switching to see where things are affected most.

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    Sounds like you're having fun with the new system Zach. I definately want to swing by sometime and listen :)
    H/K AVR 635 receiver
    Rotel RB985 (100 x 5)
    Panamax 5100
    RTi8 fronts (200 watts/channel from bi-amping)
    CSi5 center
    FXi5 rears
    SVS 20-39 PCi
    AQ Type 8 speaker wires (fronts/center)
    AQ Type 2 wire for FXi5's
    AQ Diamondbacks-Fronts & center powered by Rotel
    AQ I/C throughout

    Harmony 880

    My System Pics

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    Bryston and Avant 902's, and with pics:).

    Looks like you have enough gear to keep you busy for quite a while. Super cool.
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