Alright. I think I'm ready to go SET. I found an ASL dealer willing to give me a great price on the unit I've got my eye on. I'm planning to get the ASL "Tulip" within a month or two if things go well.

I've read so many pros and cons reagarding SET's that I'm left with more questions than answers. The Tulip will put out 3.2w/ch with 2A3 tubes. According to the dealer, it's more than enough for my Klipsch (98db/w/m).

I've heard too many things about SET amps on different forums. Some say they can't do bass, or anything more than acoustic instruments and vocals, other's say they can still rock with their low power output.

I decided to ask this forum because I feel you guys won't confuse me and I trust your ears. Also, you're more likely to start a flame war in other forums when asking about SET amps. The push/pull crowd seems to enjoy knocking the SET crowd.

So do any of you have experience with the 2A3 output tube or low powered SET amps? I just want to know if SET's are as good as people say they are and if they had enough balls to power your speakers.

The reason I'm asking is because the store don't have any in stock, and they need to get one in for me if I want to buy it. So no demo there.