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    Thumbs up The Tube Music Network

    I am turning into a video junkie again, after 20 some odd years have passed by since MTV was really a Music Network.

    Now there is a network on television called The Tube. I have been Tivo-ing hours of this station and watching all the videos from the 60's through today. It is what MTV should of always been. 24 Hours a day, 7 days of week of music videos. And currently there isn't any Vee-Jays to take up time.

    There is commercials, but on average I would say you are getting about 15 videos per hour. And in my area at least it is broadcast in 5.1DD.

    You can click on the "Where to Watch" to find out if you can get it in your area. Definitely worth a look if you can..


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    Video quality is lacking, though.


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