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Thread: a 12 and a 10

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    Default a 12 and a 10

    i have an Xtant X1244 12" subwoofer and now i have a Xtant X1044 10" subwoofer. i have 3 amplifiers, all about the size of the C400.4. i also have 2 stinger battery caps.
    im confused as to how i can make my setup and make a 12 look good next to a 10 with 3 amps and 2 battery caps. does anybody have any ideas for a box that would hold a 12 and a 10 or would i need two seperate boxes? also, i want it to look professional and clean, so i was wondering if anybody had any ideas for how i can set it up. ive also got a pair of MMC650 that i'd like to put somewhere in the back where the display is but im not sure where to put them.
    please give any ideas, thanks.
    System in construction.. :)

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    Why a 10" and a 12"? Why not a pair of matching subs?

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    Putting them side by side would make the subs look obviously different. Maybe putting the 12 behind the 10 in a vertical setup would look alright. Why not sell one sub and get another to match the one you didn't sell?
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