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    Default Outdoor concerts

    I just got home from "Riverfest" where, believe it or not, saw REO Speedwagon in concert. (they are still alive!) Anyway, they can still rock!

    So I was standing there thinking... What are used for speakers and POWER for these large outdoor concerts? That's a lot of air to be moving. Do they use giant arrays of woofers to get all that bass? hundreds of thousands of watts?

    Anybody have experience with concert sound? Seems like it would be challange to get right.
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    They use 6 sda srs 1.2 tls triamped with cinenova amps to get that true live sound :D :p :D .
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    most outdoor concerts use about 20 speakers per side for the audience (and most of those speakers have two 12" woofers and a horn..." - so you figure all together, 40 horns and 80 woofers.

    Thats not including the large scale speakers on the stage for the people closer up...

    The subbage going on is absolutely insane..

    LOTS of power... LOTS of speakers.

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