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    Nebraska... that's in the USA, right?

    Thumbs up I pulled the trigger on some 45s...

    ...and ordered a pair of Atriums. I've been looking to install some speakers under the eaves and over our deck in back. They're going to be used primarily for background music during parties -- not as blaster speakers for ruckus rowdy teenagers -- so I'm hoping they'll serve their purpose well.

    I"ll put a amp and CD player in the basement and run the speaker wires via conduit up to the Atriums. I would imagine I'll have to seal everything up so the bugs and water don't mess with anything. More news when I get them in and installed...

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    Safely in my Faraday cage


    Quote Originally Posted by petrym
    ...I pulled the trigger on some 45's...

    Me too, and I missed the wife everytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKsolutions
    Me too, and I missed the wife everytime.

    Sharp Elite 70
    Anthem D2V 3D
    Parasound 5250
    Parasound HCA 1000 A
    Parasound HCA 1000
    Oppo BDP 95
    Von Schweikert VR4 Jr R/L Fronts
    Von Schweikert LCR 4 Center
    Totem Mask Surrounds X4
    Hsu ULS-15 Quad Drive Subwoofers
    Sony PS3
    Squeezebox Touch

    Polk Atrium 7s on the patio just to keep my foot in the door.

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