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    Default RT2000i - Fairly unique blown tweeter situation

    At least I'm guessing this isn't your standard blown tweeter. Looking for a little advice.

    I have two pairs of these speakers that I picked up from the Crutchfield outlet in town that are actually still under warranty. The pair I use in the bedroom developed burning electronics smell that I had assumed was a problem with the sub amp a few months ago so I just unplugged that speaker and, being too busy with work at the time, figured I'd take care of it in a couple of months. When I got around to looking at it realized the amp was fine but it was the tweeter that was gone which was a little weird, I thought, because it's a rather small bedroom with an overkill receiver that never gets cranked.

    I have a single ugly rt1000 that I picked up as a potential parts/project speaker so figured I'd just carefully remove the tweeter on the 2000 and see if I might get lucky and maybe just find a loose wire and, if not, use the rt1000 tweeter while I took the bad one in to see if they'd just swap it out. Turns out what happened with the tweeter was ... it looks like ... the glue that holds the ring attached to the magnet that mounts it to the voice coil and basically seems to maintain the gap the coil needs to 'operate' in ... the glue had just come undone. When that happened the magnet chose the path of least resistance and slid to one side pinning the poor voice coil between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

    So I guess I have two issues now.

    One: From searching it appears that I'm not going to find a new match for existing good tweeter but I'm pretty sure I can probably get crutchfield to provide me with a matched pair of whatever the roughly equivalent tweeter would be. My only question here is are the new replacements pretty close to the original?

    Two: I'm pretty sure that the pinned voice coil didn't just give up the second it got pinned which is why I think the smell that came for the speaker was so 'pronounced' and, I believe, it probably damaged the crossover. I tried hooking the tweeter from the parts speaker (which seems to work fine) and the output from it when connected to the rt2000i is almost zero ... although not quite zero. It's a slightly different model (comes from a 1000p) but the level difference between the two speakers (from tweeter) I'm nearly positive is way to dramatic to be explained by the different versions of tweeter.

    Guess my main concern here is if there's any chance of getting a new crossover ... or this one repaired ... if the exact parts are no longer maintained for these models.

    Apologize for the long post and thanks for any help.

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    Polk Audio


    It would be best to send the non-working tweeter and the crossover (which is located on the other side of the midrange driver) to Polk Audio, 2550 Britannia Blvd., Suite A, San Diego, CA. 92154. Please include a short note giving us your name, address and a copy of the Crutchfield sales receipt.
    Regards, Ken

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    Thanks for the quick response Ken.
    I pulled the crossover last night and will send it all off to you as soon as I can get a copy of my receipt.

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    Default Thanks!

    After a short delay that was my fault (forgot to throw the receipt in the box with the tweeter and crossover being returned) the replacement parts arrived safe and sound yesterday.

    Many thanks for the help in getting the 2000s back to 100%

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