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    Default Just taking a chance...

    Hey everyone. I'm not sure if anyone has any experience with Russound's Abus system or not, but our company here in hawaii installs this system quite often. We never really have problems with it. Cut wires, staples; those are the biggest problems I've seen... till recently.

    We pre-wired a house normally, ran everything perfectly and now we came back to do the finish. We installed all the speakers, local source, hub, etc etc... To make a long story short, the Abus A-H4D local source is the problem. It is clicking off after about 2 hours of use.

    Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), the wires are not cut in walls. We've got all clean signals. Anyway, we solved the problem by hooking up one more denon amp to increase the signal. It works, the problem is fixed. The only problem now is the customer has two massive amps, a DVD player, VHS, and a cable box. It's just unsightly. He's fine with it, but my question is: What happened with this local source? We've swapped out everything in the system... The local source, the volume controls etc... everything had been replaced atleast a few times.

    Anyway, if anyone has any experience, just for my curiousity, I'd love to understand why particular system gave such problems. Russound has no idea why it did that.

    Thanks alot guys, even if I'm just babbling :)

    Hi, by the way!

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    Aloha 808Tech! Thanks for joining us! There is a member of our Forums named Okiepolkie who installs a lot of HT systems, he may be able to offer some help.

    Welcome to the Club Polk Forums!

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    Aloha, Carl! Nice to meet you! Thank you for responding.


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