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Thread: Your thoughts?

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    Default Your thoughts?

    Have many of you installed/used Polk's Surroundbar? I've installed a number of them for customers, and the general response from them has been great! They love the looks and it certainly compliments most TV's nicely. My personal opinion is, it's an easy install, pretty good sound accompanied by a Polk sub and Denon amp, it looks great and customers love it!

    I was just wondering what you all think of it. Maybe there's a thread about this already, and I admit, I should have looked more before starting a new one. Too be honest, I'm just trying to get my number of posts up really quickly :P hehe just kidding. I love reading through these forums!

    Anyway, back to the subject. Do you have any thoughts on it? Maybe your personal opinions on setup/tuning?

    Thanks guys!!!


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    Jul 2006


    Grammar errors bug me! i.e "Too be honest..."


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    Welcome to CP.

    This previous thread has some good info about it.

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    welcome. I would love to have a little SurroundBar action in the bedroom. Oh my Goodness! What did I just say? I AM a geek!:D :D
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    Polk Atrium 7s on the patio just to keep my foot in the door.

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    You got a surroundbar in the BR?;)

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