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    Default Possibly the dumbest question ever!

    I have the Kenwood 8452 amp I'm trying to wire but let my self get confused.
    I need to use the speaker level input untill I get my head unit, Kenwood mp2302. But the instructions show hooking up all four speakers to the input plug but also show the wires contunuing on to speakers as well. I though you wired speakers wires to the amp then back to the speakers, not just splicing in to the wires for the signal. What I was hopping to do was run the front channel off the A side of the amp and bridge my sub, db 8", and run my rears off the head unit. Is this possible using the speaker level input? Or am I just stuck with front and sub only. I have db690 6X9's, db 8" sub, and Kenwood 8452 amp. Thanks in advance.

    I have read around ten pages in search and found nothing pertaining to my problem exactly.

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    If you are amping your door speakers, then take the speaker wire coming out of the deck and cut it. Have the wire thats coming out of the deck go into the speaker level inputs. Have the wire thats going into the vehicle connect to the speaker outputs of the amp
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    Default Wow!!

    This thread took about a week to appear, but thanks for the input. The difference between speaker level and line level is huge. I got my new deck and used line level, RCA cables, and sounds 100% better. I will never use speaker level again.

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    Yeah, we were experiencing technical difficulties there for a while.

    And yeah, high level inputs are not very good. Theyre ok in a pinch or if you have one of those snazzy processors that can clean up the signal but its hard to beat good old fashioned RCA's...unless you go optical.
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