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Thread: Am I crazy?

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    Default Am I crazy?

    Current setup:
    2 RT16's
    2 FX1000's
    Velodyne HGS-18

    Well, I just unloaded my huge old RPTV in favor of a 50 inch plasma, pioneer 5070 (gorgeous gloss black), and I'd like to scale down the HT a bit. Was thinking of selling all my polk stuff and getting a few year old NHT rig...there is a set of VT-2s, VS-2s for sale locally for 500 bucks. Seems like a fair price, and the scale would be much smaller (WAF), and the gloss black would match. Financially would probably come out ahead with the sale of the Polks, especially the FX1000s. I'll admit, I've never heard these NHTs, but I had a pair of NHT supeones that I just loved. What do you think?
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    Do it.
    HT/2-channel Rig: Sony 50 LCD TV; Toshiba HD-A2 DVD player; Emotiva LMC-1 pre/pro; Rogue Audio M-120 monoblocks (modded); Placette RVC; Emotiva LPA-1 amp; Bada HD-22 tube CDP (modded); VMPS Tower II SE (fronts); DIY Clearwave Dynamic 4CC (center); Wharfedale Opus Tri-Surrounds (rear); and VMPS 215 sub

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