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    Question Rotel Amps (1075,1095 and 1080) with Lsi's

    Hello. I am considering an upgrade and I hope that someone in the forum has some first hand experience with these Rotel amps. First let me descirbe my system...

    Speakers - Lsi 9s (fronts), Lsi C (center) and Lsi 7s (rears)
    Sub - Velodyne SPL-1000R
    Source - Denon DVD-2910
    Pre/Pro - Rotel 1068
    Amp - Rotel RMB 1075 (5x120 into 8 ohms, 5x200 into 4 ohms)

    Movies (surround sound) - speakers set to small, 80hz crossover
    Music (stereo for right now) - bypass mode, fronts only running full range

    70/30 HT vs. Music, but when I listen to music it is critical listening

    So the RMB 1075 sounds good. I like the way it matches up with the my Lsi speakers. I also think it provides sufficient power for the volume I desire when I watch movies or listen to music. But I get the feeling that the performance of my system would improve with some more "juice".

    Option A
    The RMB 1095 (5x200 into 8 ohms, 5x330 into 4 ohms) would be a logical upgrade if I want to stay with a 5 channel amp. I understand the 1095 has the same basic tonal signature as the RMB 1075, but has the reserves to drive speakers more accurately. Anyone have experience with this amp? Anyone ever used it to drive a set of Lsi speakers?

    Option B
    I could stick with the 1075 and add a 1080 for the fronts (2x200 into 8 ohms, 2x330 into 4 ohms). I think the 1080 would probably sound better than the 1095 on stereo material, but I fear that unequal power across the front soundstage will cause problems. Would my center channel "come up short" in this situation? Anyone running amps with different ratings across the front soundstage? Any experience with this amp?

    I don't think I am going to need an audition for this purchase. I am happy with the "Rotel Sound". My goal is to increase my system's performance.

    Thanks in advance for any comments or experiences that you share.


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    that is a tough call but considering you do so much HT, I would think 1095 would be a better decision...I have hand the 1075, and have two 1080s. 1075 is actually very good and detailed in the highs...1080s have a slightly softer sound. Dont know about hte lsi9s but 1075 was wholly inadequate for LSi 15s.....
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    I have the 1075 and the 1080 running my Rti's. I wouldn't worry about the difference in power across the front stage, unless you think that your center also could use an increase in juice. You just have to turn down the levels of your L&R fronts probably when you calibrate all the channels. I think you would notice the most difference when listening to music, while HT use would remain about the same.

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    I own the rmb1095 and have compared it to the rb1070 and rmb1075. the rmb1095 sounds much better. It has alot more reserve or dynamic power. It would be a great choice to run your theater.

    I would not use unequal power in my theater, alot of people do it but I do not. Dynamic range between amps can be noticable during dynamic scences. Why do it when you can have equal power?

    The RMB1095 is basically a 5 channel version of the rb1080. They sound almost Identical when I compared the 2. the only amp I feel sounds better is the Rb1090. That amp is something special and If I was going to run a theater system, I would use 1090's all around.

    Good luck,

    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.

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    Had the 9s and ran them on the 1070... definitely a good combo. Now, I have the 1090, but no LSi to run.

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    Thanks for the input. It is greatly appreciated. resperc

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