My friend is looking to upgrade the HU in his car, and his budget pretty much tops out at $150. He might also be looking to replace the stock speakers, but the budget for that would be really low, too, and right now his primary goal is to replace the HU.

At any rate, he's driving a 1984 BMW 318i. I'm hoping it won't be too hard to find something that will fit in it, and that BB or CC will install. He's not interested in installing it himself. And don't nag me about that...I know he's perfectly capable of doing so, but I think he's a little restricted on time.

For $150 we're looking for MP3 and WMA playback, a remote, and any other extras would be neat, but there are no plans of ever adding an amp, so no SQ options would really be of any benefit.

I just quickly looked at BB's website and two units stand out to me. The [url=[Alpine CDE-9846[/url] caught my eye, but there's no remote, only one preout (not an issue, but that's still horrible!), and the SNR is 65! What's happened to Alpine?!

The Pioneer DEH-P3800M looks promising. It has a remote, 2 2.2V preouts (again, not important...but good to have), and a SNR of 94. Sure beats the Alpine!

Anybody had any experience with this unit? Anything else that needs to be considered? I'm fixing to check out CC's website...

Thanks! Any input would be appreciated!