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    Default I've taken the leap w/SR6500 !!

    OK guys, I have a set of SR6500's on the way to put into my 2005 Mustang.

    Now I need your advise:

    1. The Mustang's doors have 0.40ft3 enclosures in each door. Will the Polk Midbass react well to this size enclosure ?

    2. Where is the best place to mount the tweeter ? I am currently considering the Coaxial mount...

    I'm sure I will come up with some more questions but I'll just start with these...

    THANKS !


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    1. youll be fine with that

    2. theres no one great place to put your tweeters. Your best bet is to sit down in your car with a good CD and move your tweeters around until you find what sounds best to you.
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    That might be a bit small, depends on your idea of good midbass is. They'll play much lower with more area behind them, is there any way to modify the enclosures? Cut a small section out or drill some holes in it? Is it a factory plastic box?

    You could mount the tweeters coax which is nice and easy, or if you're up for some work try a few different locations like Cody said. Many people like tweeters on the a- pillars firing at each other or slightly back. Try it with some velcro, or even tape to see if that's for you. If you have the time...

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    Im a fan of the A pillar route. Brings the stage up nice and high and adds width to it as well.

    Still, if youre wanting a simple "drop in" installation for ease of removal later on (like if your car is leased) then the coaxial way is best.
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