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    Default subwoofer amp problem

    Today i am home listening to music for several hours.. when i noticed the amp on my subwoofer is shutting itself off about 3/4 of the way thru a song. i don't listen to music on the HT rig very often.. but today. I thought what the hell.. lets crank it up and see how it sounds. Not to bad when the sub is running.

    Well a bass heavy song comes on .. and the sub amp shuts itself off before the song is over. I can easily tell it's off, no more thumping. :p

    Trust me, i'm not a bass head at all. I like a little added bass when i think music needs some added bass for the atmosphere.. that's about it.

    So i check the rear of the sub... the green light is glowing that it's indeed turned in.. but no sound is coming from it. So i switch it off, then back on.. and it comes back to life. sounding great again.

    SO it's pretty obvious what is happening right? The sub amp is overheating and going into protect mode. I touched the amp heatsinks, and yeah it's warm, but not hot. So i move it away from the wall some to see if that helps with the heat issue. I may need to either get a fan to place behind the amp or not use it for music anymore, OR get another amp. The last idea doesn't appeal to me all that much.

    HOw tough would it be to find a generic replacement amp for this discontinued subwoofer? Do sub amps cost alot?

    OH yeah. it's a 1999 Adire Audio 12" subwoofer. 280 watts

    *for movies.. it's never overheated.
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    Check the dimensions and get one from PartsExpress. They have a wide selection. Your main problem will be finding one that fits the mounting area in the sub. The fit needs to be perfect or you will have an air leak.

    Before you do that though, I would remove the amp and visually inspect it to see if something has come loose. There is a possibility that the power output transistors or chips which are mounted to the back plate heatsink have pried themselves loose. If this is the case, they will surely overheat and go into thermal shutdown. Tighten them. They should be firmly attached.

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    Warm should be fine, if it is truely shutting off, the green light should go off or red.

    Do the 'on' and 'auto' settings exhibit the same behavior? I would try a different cable, it could even be the on the preamp side output - troubleshoot before you spend money on something you don't need. Got another rig you can hook it up to?
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