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Thread: Outlaw 7125

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    Default Outlaw 7125

    Hey Guys,

    Does anyone have any experience with an Outlaw 7125? I'm putting a system together for my brother and I'm wondering if it could easily power a pair of RTi8s as well as RTi6s Fxi3s & Csi5. I have RTi10s and prefer the M2200s. Do the 8s need the same kind of power?



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    I have the 7125 and it powers a full Lsi setup 7x and it does fantastic.. it will have no problem powering them..

    I am actually sending mine back, however its because i got a great deal on some Rotel amps..

    I posted it for sale in the flea market in case someone wanted it before i send it back..
    MY HT RIG:
    Sherwood p-965
    Sherwood sd871 dvd
    Rotel 1075 amp x5
    LSI15 mains
    LsiC center
    LSIfx surround backs
    Lsi7 side surrounds
    SVS pb12/plus2

    2 Channel Rig:

    nad 1020 Pre-amp
    Rotel 1080 stereo amp
    Polk sda 2B
    kenwood grunt Tuner
    realistic lab 450 TT
    Signal cable IC

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