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    Default Allways on vs Auto on

    I was wondering what the advantage to using Auto on vs Allways on is for powered subs. I would not think the amp is doing much if there is no signal even when always on, but I could be wrong. It does seem to me though that on/off cycling is bad for all electronics so would it be better to use allways on and save wear and tear on the amp section of the sub?

    Anyone know anything about this?


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    I used to leave my PSW450 on all the time, but the heatsinks were always
    warm to the touch even in standby mode, so I now plug it into a switch controlled outlet, and it's only on when the rest of the system is on.
    From what I understand, leaving the sub on all the time will ensure no dropoffs or delays whenever a DVD or CD is played, but I can't imagine it would make that much of a difference if left in standby? I doubt there is much wear and tear on the amp, but I could be wrong about that. I would say leave it in standby though; it's not really "on" til a signal is received.

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    I've run subwoofers both ways and never noticed a difference in lifespan or performance. I currently use "Auto-On".

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    I always leave my sub-woofer on, because I don't always have a strong enough signal to trigger the auto-on. I do a lot of low volume listening, and my normal sub-woofer level is -7 (gives me the freedom to temporarily boost the sub-level up using my remote).

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    i keep my subs in the always on position....sometimes im not listening loud enough to activate my subs....turn it up a bit and boom my sub comes on...hate when that im always ON
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    Interesting, I didn't realize that low volume could lead to them not coming on in the "auto on" position. Thanks.

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    Is there a switch like this for the fairer sex?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKsolutions
    Is there a switch like this for the fairer sex?
    Yeah there is but it works the other way around (auto off - usually caused by a gassy signal ;) )

    I think the only reason people don't use auto-on is if they have a sleepy sub (as in it shuts itself off easily when listening to quiet movies or music). I personally use auto-on just because I get a little bit of hum when my sub is on and like to get rid of that persistant noise when I'm not listening to music. Either way, my amp gets warm even when I'm not using it.

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    Auto on here but I do notice my Sherbourn amp stays warm, in fact my whole rack stays warm.

    If I could find a decent switched outlet for everything I would use it.
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    Thanks for looking

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    FWIW, I use auto on, with my current set up. In the past I did have issued with a particular system, not receiving the signal on time so I left it on all the time.

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