Hello Polk people :D
I bought off my buddy the woofer part of the MM465 series after he decided to sell his car. He said I could take them if I removed them and replaced them with something (I used my older clarion speakers in replacement). He only had the woofer part not the complete component set, I'm not sure why.
I was wondering what tweeters would work well since I bought a set polk db series crossover off ebay. The only tweeters or seperate tweeters I have seen are the db1000's.
This is my question would it better off if i just ran the woofer themselves or completed the component set?
Im running MMC6500 components in my brothers car with MMC650's in the rear powered by a JL amp and an alpine headunit and they sound amazing.

The system im building for my car right now is
the MM465 components
and for the rear speakers im not sure
Thats where u guys come in should I buy an SR series components for the front and use the MM465 woofers just for midbass in the rear?

Thanks for the input