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    Default Good clean amp for Polk dB6500 components

    Hey all,

    Just got some Polk db6500 components to replace the factory ones in my 2007 Hyundai Accent 3dr. The source unit is an Alpine CDA-9857.

    Since its a hatch and will never have more than 2 people in it im not worried about the rears. Even with the radio faded all the way to the rear I can barely hear them.

    So what is a good clean amp to power the 6500s. Also what is the most you can safely run to them, I know they list 100w RMS and 300 peak.

    Price range aroung $300 for the amp.


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    Consider the Alpine V series 4 channels. They are improved over last year's (but the price went up, too). MTX probably has something decent in your price range as well. If you only want to amp your components, a 2 channel will do the job for you.

    Any decent amplifier from 40-100 watts per channel RMS will be a good choice. If you are going with a subwoofer in your system, consider powering them closer to their maximum continuous rms rating. this would be a great choice, but is a little more than $300.

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    I just purchased an Alpine MRV-F545 to run with 4 mmc6500's. This is in a boat and are being installed now, so i can't tell you what i think but i will when it is installed. I purchased a jbl amp but they called me back and was out of it and i was going to have to wait and i spent more than i wanted and about double what the jbl was going to cost and got the Alpine because it was in stock.

    What i have read you should be happy with Polk or Alpine. The jbl amp i was going to get seemed to be a good amp but not in the class of polk & alpine.

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    Kicker Underrated their amps.

    Try try Kicker ZX series 2 channel amps. Great Products, Kicker makes some of the best amps.

    BTW, you see the name...I am no way affiliated with Kicker, so I am giving you my unbiased opinion. Kicker has some GOOD stuff for low prices. The SX series are also great. Kicker underrates, all their amps, just like ANY good, performance company.

    For the SX series (D-class, more efficient) the sx400.2 is what you should go with, it's rated around 100watts rms per channel @ 4ohms (which is what impendence your speakers are)

    As for the ZX series (A/B-class, not as efficient, but are MEANT for speakers) I would go with the 250.2 or even the 350.2
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    i've never listened to or used a kicker that i liked.

    you don't need gobs of power either... 75 x 2 rms would be plenty to make you marginally deaf, if done properly.

    Orion - 200 per channel at 4 ohms ... $149 bucks

    Orion - 75 x 2 at 4 ohms ... $66 bucks

    Kenwood - 80 bucks
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