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    Default Help - Buying Polk Speakers - Need advice

    I am poised to buy RTi8's(front), Rti6's (rear), CSi5(center) and a PSW404 (sub). Are these a good match? Will a Denon AVR2807 100wpc amp be enough to push this system?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your setup looks good. A Denon receiver always goes well with polk. The speakers are all voice matched as well.

    Although, If I could change anything, I would vote for a nicer sub. If that's all that's in your budget, than go for it. But if you can swing it, that would be my first upgrade.
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    Good setup. Which do you listen to more - movies or music? If music, is it multichannel music? If multichannel, I would match the front and surrounds exactly - that is buy rti8 surrounds, too, insead of the 6s. I movies, you've got a good setup. I don't have any exp. with that sub so can't comment on it.

    The 8s will benefit from more power than you're going to give them, but they'll sound great nonetheless.
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    how much does the psw404 cost?
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