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    Default Bass, the crowd pleaser

    So I had the family over today for lunch, about 15 people ranging from 1 year old to 74 years old. Beautiful day here in Minnesota but at one point the majority of them ended up in my basement lair. Perfect time for a home theater demo. Just replaced by SVS PB12 plus/2 with the new 12.3 drivers and it was time to show off. Started with the Incredibles jet scene, followed by the Master and Commander attack scene, and closed up with the War of the Worlds scene where the machine emerges from the ground.

    I played the demos at -15 db with 0 db on the receiver calibrated to 75 db with the AVI calibration disk. So we are not talking refernce level or anything. However, with AVI I run the sub 5 db hot, and according to my Outlaw receiver calibration I'm about 10 db hot on the sub.

    Anyways, after the first demo, I look around after the first salvo of big bass hits and everyone has this big smile on their faces. My mother in law was laughing because she thought that the TV picture was jiggling with the big bass hits, little did she know that it was actually her vision blurring which happens at high SPL levels with the SVS.

    The point is that there are very few events that generate the reaction that I saw from these people that have never heard a big sub before. They all loved it.
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