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    Default anyone have or had rt 2000i what amp

    I am new to the forum and hope you guys have some suggestions for me.I am still in the past with a pair of RT 2000i's that I have grown to like very much.
    My question to you is anyone have or have had these speakers and what kind of amp would you suggest for mainly music?I have been looking at Outlaw,ATI and Rotel mainly.


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    I owned the 2000p's, which were essentially the same thing. Nothing wrong with being stuck in the past. Hell, I wish Polk would still dish out that quality in their past few Rti lines!

    Your 2000's are pretty efficient and do not require monster solid state amplifiers to sing. That particular RT series can sound great when being powered by tube electronics. If you are unfamiliar with tube products, than I would suggest starting off on something from the likes of; Jolida, Antique Sound Labs, Cayin (The list may go on, but this is what immediately comes to mind).

    Unless you are attempting to attain concert levels in a large room, a solid 30 wpc should suit you just fine.

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    What he said is true. I still have some RT2000p's. And although you don't need it, a fair amount of clean solid state power will make 'em sing, too. A tube pre helps with the tube sound if you are looking for it.

    As far as the choices in sand, look too for NAD, B&K, Parasound, Sunfire, Krell, etc. etc.

    Nice speakers, huh??? I use mine in a HT w/ 200 WPC, but they do a fairly nice job with music, also...
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    I also own a pair of the 2000P's. When I was in the market for an amp to power my fronts, I wanted Rotel. Since the 2000p's have a sub built in, I decided to go with the RB1070 instead of the RB1080. Less power, but since I'm only powering the upper end, it is plenty. When I finally move to another speaker I may upgrade to a bigger amp.

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    Thanks for the input.You guys are right about a little power making them sing as I have a Harman Kardon AVR 55 that puts out 65wpc and they sound good.I am into music more so than Movie's and want a little more volume without taking out a speaker.

    As zero said--Concert levels

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