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Thread: Install advice

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    Default Install advice

    I will be installing and seting up a friends system. The issue ( I have not yet been to her house) but, from what I was told we have to move the TV cable to the other side of the room.
    Can't do it through the walls.
    can't run it from the room below (it's finished ceiling).
    I was going to run it under the base boards before the hardwood floor gets put down. If we choose this route, does the coax cable have to be "in wall UL rated" or can just good quality coax cable do the trick?



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    Can you go through the attic?

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    coax cable is already in wall rated as well as underground rated any any other place they run the stuff. I'd call the cable company first to see if they'll relocate the jack for you and save some time.
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