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    Default PSW505 Hookup Advice

    Okay, I've reading those educational articles on "bass management" but I can't seem to really follow what they're trying to say. Yes, I know I'm slow but I've always been technically challenged.

    1. Do I simply buy a subwoofer cable and plug it into the receiver's subwoofer preout and connect it to the PSW505's LFE input? Is it that simple?

    2. Do I buy a Y cable and plug it into the receiver's subwoofer preout and connect it to the PSW505's Line L/R input?

    3. And which one is the subwoofer's output jack?


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    Oni, on 1., yes it's that simple. You get a coaxial cable with an RCA plug on each end(doesn't necessarily have to be labeled a "subwoofer cable") which would run you about $5-$10, depending on length, to form a pathway between the single subwoofer output on your receiver and the single LFE input on your 505.

    2. No, you don't use either a Y cable or the two L/R inputs on the 505. As described in 1., you're using the filter in your receiver(which you don't identify)to control the crossover between your speakers and sub. The internal crossover in the sub operates when the L/R inputs are used, but it's completely by-passed when you use the LFE input and let the receiver perform the function without interference.

    3. It's unclear what you're referring to. The 505 has no output "jack". If you were making a speaker level connection with lampcord instead of a line level connection with coaxial cable, the 505 has output terminals which could be connected to power the main speakers, but this isn't relevant to your setup. There's a sub out or pre-out on the receiver.

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