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    Default Adcom GFA 5500 used

    I'm thinking about buying a used adcom 5500. A seller has one on audiogon for $495. Is this a pretty good price. It say's it's in mint cond. How has the reliability of the 5500 been. Anyone with experience; comments greatly appreciated.



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    can't help with the 5500,,I had 555's,,always wondered what thay would sound like with a tube pre,it's been my experience that adcom gear is pretty rugged. Good luck.
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    Thanks guys

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    Default Hot workhorse

    5500 here has worked fine over 10 years. Price sounds decent.
    5500 will heat a 250 sq/ft room so it needs good ventilation.
    Weakness to me is somewhat loose low end.
    Strength is very liquid grain free top.
    The round push-in power button has always been a little spongy.
    Not bridgeable BTW.

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