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    Default Question about Ceiling Mounts and FXi3


    My system is composed of a Denon 2708 a Denon DVD player (1930 i think), Two LSi15, one PSW 1000, and two LSiFX (for surround), ohh and the LSiC for center. I am planning on buying the LSi3 for rear surround sound.

    The LSifx are on the side walls (if ur facing te TV they are to my left and side walls. I can not put the LSI3 on the back walls as the back walls are extremely far away from the Couch and It would take a lot of time running the wire there. My home has preexisting surround hookups on the ceiling (basically on top of the couch).

    Has anyone put LSi3 on the ceiling looking down? And is this a viable way to hookup these speakers, and most importantly what Wall mounts could I utilize for such a thing?

    Suggetions would be greatly appreciated, I have not slept in days thinking about it hehe.


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    Omnimount has a mount that screws into the ceiling and mounts on the back of your speaker. You can aim just about anyway you like.
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