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    Default Need help on acoustics management

    I have purchased the following:
    M50 - 1 pair
    M30 - 1 pair

    I need help on sound proofing my room. I spent all my cash on the speakers and so cannot hire a professional to sound-proof my room. I have to do it myself. Can you suggest things I can do to make the sound experience better?

    My room: 16 x 12 feet
    Floor: Ceramic stone finish (mega reflecting)
    Walls/Ceiling: Concrete


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    Area rug should be first on your list. Hemholtz resonators will help tame the bass. DIY Accoustic panels will cut down on the reflected sounds from the walls.
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    It sounds like you are confusing two separate issues. To sound proof a room means you are keeping sound from entering other rooms. For example: your listening room is downstairs & you don't want the sound to travel to the bedroom above it or into adjoining rooms. I think you are concerned with making the existing room more pleasing musically. To do this you need bass traps, absorption panels, & diffusion panels. Here's a start for you.,, GIKacoustics,,, There's plenty of good reading among all those sights. Read up & get started you will be very happy with the outcome of room treatments. I have a GIK monster bass trap (2x4x6"), two echo busters corner traps, three ATS acoustics absorption panels (2x2x4") & one 2x4x4" panel, the difference they made to my room was staggering. It is by far the best money you will spend.
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