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    Default r10 not working... help?

    I have a pair of r10 speakers that have been working flawlessly for years now. This morning, when I turned on my stereo (an Onkyo amp connected to a laptop) and one of my speakers wasn't working. I tried connecting and disconnecting it, switching the speaker wire, etc, and nothing worked. I took the front and back panels off to see if anything had become disconnected, and everything looked just fine. But the speaker doesn't work at all. No woofer, no tweeter, no nothing. Anyone know what could have gone wrong?

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    It caught a virus from the laptop.
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    Did you try the working speaker in the non-working speaker's terminal to see if the problem was in the amp? That would seem like a logical place to start.
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    Yep, I checked that. It's not a problem with the amp.

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