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    Default Bad eclipse amp?

    Hey guys, my kenwood 4 channel amp that Ive had for 11 years just died. My roommate had a older eclipse 4 channel amp that has been sitting in his closet for probably 4 years that he gave me. I have an Eclipse 8061 deck with the 8v/16v outputs & I have the gains on the eclipse amp all the way down. Im having problems with the channels cutting in & out & the only way to make them stop is to touch the crossover switches on the amp with a screwdriver. Now my question is, do you think that the switches are oxidized from sitting in a closet & for so long and a little cleaning might help it or do you think the amp is just bad now?

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    I would try moving the knobs all the way to either side several times to see if that helps. You could take it apart to see if it's possible to clean those connections.

    Sometimes my detachable monitors do not work properly. The picture is not visible, or it's wavy. I will then take an alcohol moistened swab and clean the pin connections on both the monitors and the bracket. After doing this all is well.

    If all else fail call Eclipse to see how much they will charge you to repair it. May not be that much at all.
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