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    Quote Originally Posted by F1nut
    H9 I'm sorry, but I disagree that SACD is only good for surround sound. 2 channel on my reference SACD player is glorious.

    Anyway, I believe this discussion has gotten off track, let's get back to the original subject matter. Frreo1 thinks that any SACD played on an entry level SACD player will sound better than redbook on a top notch CD player and he wants proof. Ok, I'll provide proof as my ears hear it. I had a big name (yet mid-fi, IMO) SACD/CD player that got A+ ratings from certain rags, but it left me wanting. I sold it and bought a reference level (read a lot more $) SACD/CD player. Redbook on this player is easily better than SACD on the original player, hands down, no question about it. I believe that if all this unit played was redbook most folks would be very, very happy. The fact that SACD on the reference player is to die for is icing on the cake.

    So Frreo1, as I've heard yours I already know mine is better at both formats, but would be happy to have you stop in with yours in tow, so that you can hear it for yourself.
    Okay, fair enough. You have not stated what the unit you are using is (or pehaps I missed it). If you could also provide a reference recording (CD/SACD), that would be good. I am in the camp that the source is often the most limiting factor in reproduction.

    Happy Listening!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by frreo1
    I am in the camp that the source is often the most limiting factor in reproduction.

    Happy Listening!!
    Finally something to agree on :) .
    "Appreciation of audio is a completely subjective human experience. Measurements can provide a measure of insight, but are no substitute for human judgment. Why are we looking to reduce a subjective experience to objective criteria anyway? The subtleties of music and audio reproduction are for those who appreciate it. Differentiation by numbers is for those who do not".--Nelson Pass

    Pass Aleph 30; Eastern Electric Mini Max; Adcom GDA600; MIT S3/Z Pc; SDA 1C; Squeezebox; Tubes add soul!

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    I also agree that it all starts with the source. However, as good as the source my be, it's still limited by the recording. For example, the SACD of Layla still sounds like it has a veil over it, just like the original CD and vinyl do.

    As for the other, I prefer to keep a low profile.
    'Political Correctness'.........defined

    "A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

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    :D Agree wholeheartly with F1nut about the recording. For example the Phillips recordiing of Dvorak 8 and 9 symphonies was recorded in DSD surrond, and it is absolutly incredible sounding played back in DSD. The advantage of the source can be heard in CD as well (it's dual layered). But listen to it in SACD, and it is amazing.

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