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    Default THE WHO Rock Out In Philly

    The Who opened their world tour in Philly tonight (well last night 9/12) and for anyone thinking they aren't what they use to be, think again!

    The show (sold out) was great and it was obvious they were having fun playing to a crowd that was having just as much fun listening. The vast majority remained standing, singing along and clapping from the start to the finish. Roger's voice was pretty damn good and Pete's guitar work was excellent, still the master of the windmill strokes and still leaping in the air. Drums and bass were as good as ever. In fact, I swear Starky not only sounds like Moon, he looks like him too. The warm up band (no name was announced) were booed off the stage after maybe 20 minutes, some funky hip hop/rap kinda crap......really, really bad. Gotta wonder who booked them?

    Anyway, on with the show.......

    The Who started with "I Can't Explain", followed by a vast selection that spanned the years, including excellent renditions of "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere", "Who Are You" and "Won't Get Fooled Again", but nothing from Quadrophenia. They also played a number of songs from their new album, Wine And Glass, which sounded very good. No mistaking that signature Who sound. They ended the show with a half hour long, non-stop melody of songs from Tommy that brought the house down. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Rock and Roll is alive and well.
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    Gald to hear they put on a good show i would not expect anything else from them. Would have loved to been there myself

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    Did the show end with smashed guitars and amps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billbillw
    Did the show end with smashed guitars and amps?
    Just hips.

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    glad to hear you had a good time !

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    WHO are you? that's very cool... i didn't know they were starting to tour again.

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    Glad you enjoyed the concert Jesse!
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    They are coming to my home town and people are kind of ho hum, nobody really cares. I keep telling everybody that it will be the show of the year. They really are the first punk band but are still very musical. It will be pure Adrenalin I am sure.

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    Great band! I saw them with Keith Moon many moons ago (pun intended:D ). They sounded great. I'm glad they still put on a good show. Thanks for the report Jesse! I hope you had a good time!

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