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    Default Finding that pesky ground loop hum - or not

    Thought I would share this with you for its humor.
    I spent a whole lot of time last evening trying to narrow down a ground loop hum in my system.

    Everything appeared to be connected together correctly - and all of the power cords go into the same conditioner/suppressor except for the amp separates, but they're all on the same GFI circuits, and since I wired them in, I know the ground is good.

    So I started unplugging devices, one by one. Hmmm... no change. Completely disconnected the sub from the power cord and the lead. No change. Did not want to unplug the DVR, but did it anyway. No change! OK, pulled the plug on the whole darned system.

    Still hums!

    Wait a minute.....

    Walk into the kitchen a room away - its the damned refrigerator! Unplug it, still hums!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!

    Microwave? Unplug it. Still hums! I'm nearly beside myself with frustration at this point.

    Then it dawns on me. I'm on an antibiotic for an ear infection. It is in my head, literally! I walk outside - and hear the hum! I hear it this morning in my office, too....
    HT/music rig
    Panasonic PX60U 50" plasma
    Yamaha 5990 AVR
    Onix SP3 tube amp
    bunch of Outlaw 2200 monoblocks
    DUAL SVS PB12+/2 subs
    Denon 3910 DVD/SACD/DVD-A
    DirecTV HR10-250 DVR
    Onix Strata Mini mains
    Mirage OM10 surrounds
    Polk CSi5 center
    Polk SC80 rear surrounds
    Samsung BDP1000 blu-ray player

    Bedroom rig
    Jolida SJ302a tube amp
    Denon 2910 universal player
    Onix Ref 1 monitors
    Velodyne minivee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwingding
    Still hums!

    It is in my head, literally!
    Try teaching it the words! :D
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    dude, you need to UNPLUG man.... :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwingding
    Then it dawns on me. I'm on an antibiotic for an ear infection. It is in my head, literally! I walk outside - and hear the hum! I hear it this morning in my office, too....
    I had the same thing happen except it was a little different. Last Thursday I started taking Clindamycin (strong stuff) and Saturday I started hearing a faint ringing type oscillation. At first I thought it was the monitor on the PC, then the TV then the air conditioner. It was following me around upstairs, down stairs, kitchen etc. I didn't notice it outside and sometimes it was louder than others. My wife never heard a thing. After checking every electronic and electrical device in the house and listening to the walls (South Philly has some really bad wiring), I happened to be reading the side effects leaflet from the drug store. Why I still had it I don't know but there it was in black and white the sound was in my ear. I still have it off and on but now I'm not chasing it around. My wife was beginning to think I was getting schizophrenic but I kept telling her I wasn't hearing voices.

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    Those are funny I'm just picturing you disconnecting your entire system and then the look of utter confusion and disbelief on your face....too funny!!

    Amplifiers: 1-SAE Mark IV, 4-SAE 2400, 1-SAE 2500, 2-SAE 2600, 1-Buttkicker BKA 1000N w/2-tactile transducers. Sources: Sony BDP CX7000es, Sony CX300/CX400/CX450/CX455, SAE 8000 tuner, Akai 4000D R2R, Technics 1100A TT, Epson 8500UB with Carada 100". Speakers:Polk SDA SRS, 3.1TL, FXi5, FXi3, 2-SVS 20-29, Yamaha, SVS center sub. Power:2-Monster HTS3500, Furman M-8D & RR16 Plus. 2-SAE 4000 X-overs, SAE 5000a noise reduction, MSB Link DAC III, MSB Powerbase, Behringer 2496, Monarchy DIP 24/96.

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