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    Default is a 500.1 good enough

    hey is a 500.1 good enough either 2 mm2104 or 2 mm21204 at a steady power rating as i know the 500.1 is only rated at 350 rms at a 4 ohm load
    plz respond as quickly as possible as i need to to know what i need as i would like to go with an all polk system

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    While I don't own a 500.1, it is greatly underrated at 350 watts rms @ 4 ohms.

    If you intend to go with two subs, choose the single voice coil versions @ 4 ohms and run them parallel to present a 2 ohm load to your 500.1.

    You can probably expect over 600 watts rms @ 2 ohms, which would be ideal for a pair of Momo 10" svc subs and still give you pretty good output from a pair of Momo 12" svc subs as well.

    If you are set on running the 12" subs, the 500.1 would go nicely with one MM2124 dvc if you didn't run the gains very high. This would probably be a better match than two svc Momo 12s as each is rated at 400 watts rms (and would realistically see only 300ish).

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    The 500.1 will do 600 watts prett easily so if youre going to run two 2104's that would be 300 watts to each which is a perfect match.
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    I have one that is pretty much mint if you are looking to buy one, I stepped up to something bigger

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    One thing to remember is that just because a sub has a certain wattage rating, it does not necessarily need that amount of power to reach peak performance (this is ofcourse if the subwoofer is in the proper enclosure). Many times the rating given to it is usually the thermal limit.
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