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Thread: Need a system

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    Default Need a system

    I have a 2000 Toyota xtra cab Tacoma Prerunner,I want to get rid of the stock system.I want a nice head unit,and replace the stock speakers,maybe an amp,but no sub.It has been years since I delt in car audio,back then an Alpine and a pair of Infinity's Kapa series and you were the ****.I want some good sounding stuff,just want to keep stock speaker sizes,and like I said no sub,whats the best gear for the money these dayz?
    Thanx in advance!

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    For good sound you will have to use an outboard amplifier. Power wise, it will depend on the speakers that you choose. If you want total control of your system from the HU I would recommend the Eclipse CD7000. This is a top notch HU with great SQ. It has the SRS processing feature that may be something you want if you do not have a sub. It will add more puch to your speakers. If you want something a little less expensive, Pioneer has some nice offerings. Alpine probably has the easiest HU's to use, but they have been cutting back big time in the tuning department. For speakers you should go with a set of components up front, and if you want rear speakers a set of coaxials. For the brand of speakers I would recommend you to go to as many shops as you can with your favorite CD and really listen. Also go to the mom and pop shops. Sound is very subjective so your own ears will tell you what you like. I would also higly recommend a good amount of sound deadening around the mounting locations for the speakers.

    I recently installed a system in my car. Before the system was in, I applied a good amount of deadening to the doors. This alone made a big improvement to the stock sound system. The bass from the front speakers had a more solid punchy sound to it, where before it sounded kind of hollow. I now have my Rainbow speakers up front, and they sound great.

    For wiring knukonceptz offers great products for very reasonable prices.

    For sound deadening SecondSkin can't be beat.

    Damplifier is what I used.

    This is the Eclipse HU.

    Here are some of its features.
    Alpine: CDA-7949
    Alpine: PXA-H600
    Alpine: CHA-S624, KCA-420i, KCA-410C
    Rainbow: CS 265 Profi Phase Plug / SL 165
    ARC Audio: 4150-XXK / 1500v1-XXK
    JL Audio: 10W6v2 (x2)
    Second Skin

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    id go with pioneer deck or as already said eclipse and get some good door speakers like alpine or polk not to costly and as for amps jbl or infinity and damn some profile amps do good so look around and dont let people tell u what u need its your ears that and your preference.

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