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Thread: RTA 12 advice

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    Default RTA 12 advice

    Hi, I recently discovered a pair of RTA 12's in the basement of the warehouse I work in, and theres a pretty good chance I can get them for really cheap price, maybe even free considering the condition. They have been down there for at least 6 years and aprox. 2 years ago the basement flooded a little(1 inch maybe) and the bottoms of them got wet and have swollen and venear is pealing. My question is, if I build new cabinets to the exact measurements of the originals out of mdf will this affect the sound quality? Also, were can I purchase replacement tweeters one is damaged. I would like the peerless version if still available. This is my first post so go easy and thanks in advance for any help/advice given.


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    Welcome to the club dano.
    If you're handy enough to make new cabinets,then by all means go for it.
    As long as the cabinets are made in the exact size you should have no problems.
    The peerless tweeter is no longer available. You can find used ones on ebay.
    Good luck with your project and keep us posted.
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    or look for a pair of RTA 12's on ebay that are rough shape.. and use those cabinenets instead.. seems much easier than building your own. Plus you'd have spare parts if you had two pairs to mix and match parts from.. the RTA 12's are not that expensive... i see them on Ebay all the damn time.

    book em Dano!! ;)

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    Thanks for the info guys. I guess my next question would be is the a suitable replacement tweeter that can be purchased new and what can I expect to pay?

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    Polk part # RD01094-1, Club member price is $48.00 each and includes shipping. These are much better than the original SL2000's, so you'll want to replace both.
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    i'd be very weary. the drivers are probably shot, really cant go wrong with the xovers but they are designed for that driver group which is readily available.

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