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    Question home movies -> double layer DVD

    I would like to transfer my home movies and photos from digital camera to DVD keeping as much quality as possible. Double layer media offers more capacity for better quality but the layer change causes a noticeable pause. This sucks when it happens while someone is talking or moving.

    Is there any software to manually choose the dual layer break time? I've been Googling and not found a solution. Either a software that can set the layer break while processing the .avi stream or afterward would be great.
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    You could just buy a used Denon DVD-2900, there is no pause during layer change ;)

    I've never burned a DL DVD myself, but I would assume that since even Hollywood DVD's often don't have the layer change in a good position, consumer software probably won't offer any way to do this.

    My only suggestion would be to burn the movie once, take note of your bitrate and where the layer changes, then recompress the movie at a bitrate which positions a scene change exactly at 4.25 (if that's correct, per layer) gigabytes. If you use like 5 second scene changes it might even actually be possible.
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